Welcome to the Sooner Judo Club

The Sooner Judo Club serves as a venue for recreational self-defense and martial arts organizations in the Oklahoma City metro area.

We currently offer evening classes in Olypmic style judo (all levels), Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and self-defense. Our classes emphasize technique, safety, sportsmanship, and family participation. We are proud to be a safe space where everyone is welcome.

The Sooner Judo Club is an active member of USA Judo (the national governing body of US Olympic style judo) and the Oklahoma Judo Association.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or drop by and try a free class!


Based on the state's current Covid and Vaccination rates, we plan to merge the Kids and Adult classes back to our unified schedule on June 1, masks will become voluntary at that time.

Adult Judo Classes begin Tuesday, March 30 at 7pm allowing time for the kids class to clear the dojo.

We are resuming Judo classes. There is a temporary change in the schedule as we move to returning to normal. We will begin with a kids class Tuesday and Thursday beginning at 6pm.